A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

My entry for the 1-Button Jam.

Jack has to escape an angry dragon by running, jumping and sliding. Escape the dragon's attacks 5x to get away.

Space to jump
Space again while in the air will cause you to fall faster
When near stacked dragons (see screenshot) hold space to slide under them
Press space twice to restart the game after you die
Menus offer 1 or 2 space options to navigate

Install instructions

No install just unzip and launch.

Only tested on latest stable releases of Ubuntu and Manjaro. You should just need to unzip and play.

There are a couple of dependencies to check for if things go awry:


On Manjaro just make sure you have curl and openal installed and you should be good. Both were installed by default when I was testing though.


Jack Be Nimble - Windows.zip 8 MB
Jack Be Nimble - Linux.zip 9 MB

Development log

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